In order to compile Skype Call Recorder, you will need the following prerequisits:

  • A C++ compiler (usually this will be g++)
  • make
  • cmake, at least version 2.4.8
  • Qt 4, at least version 4.3, including D-Bus support
  • libmp3lame (liblame)
  • libid3 (id3lib)
  • libvorbisenc (usually comes with the package libvorbis)
  • The development packages for the above libraries, in case they are separate (i.e. libqt4-dev, liblame-dev, libvorbis-dev, etc)

Please read the help resources for your Linux distribution if you’re not sure about how to satisfy these prerequisits. For Debian and Ubuntu, this will install everything you need:

sudo apt-get install g++ make cmake libqt4-dev libmp3lame-dev libid3-3.8.3-dev libvorbis-dev fakeroot git-core

Then proceed as follows:

# unpack the tarball

tar -xzvf skype-call-recorder-[version].tar.gz
cd skype-call-recorder-[version]
# compile

cmake .

# install (as root)

make install

You may omit the installation step if you don’t want to install it system-wide (in /usr/local/bin/ by default). In that case, you can start it directly out of the build directory, or manually move it to ~/bin/ or anywhere else.

Latest development

The source code lives on GitHub: Skype Call Recorder on GitHub.